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We’re huge believers that every individual can make a stand against climate change. We realised that there are many apps that give nutritional information regarding the food you consume, but there exists no tool that shows you the environmental impact.

We wanted to make a difference.

What it does

EcoScan allows you to scan barcodes found on food packaging and will bring up alternative products, disposal methods, and a letter grade to represent the product’s carbon footprint. In addition, we’ve added authentication and history (to see previously scanned products). We also “reward” users with NFT coupons/savings every time they scan three products with a great “EcoScore” rating.

How we built it

We made use of frontend, backend, blockchain (NFT), and external APIs to build EcoScan.

  • ReactJS for the frontend
  • QuaggaJS to scan barcodes
  • Hedera to mint NFTs as coupons
  • OpenFoodFacts API to get information regarding food products given a barcode

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The proudest moment was deployment. Having worked hard overnight, the levels of serotonin when finally seeing our hard work on the World Wide Web was insane.

What we learned

For some context, our team consisted of one frontend engineer, one jack-of-all trades, one backend engineer, and one person who had never programmed before.

Our learnings were far and wide - from learning CSS for the first time, to minting our first NFTs with Hedera. All in all, we learned how to work together, and we learned about each other - building deep bonds in the process.

What's next for Eco-Scan

Get feedback from real users/people. We want to talk to people and get a real understanding of the problem we're solving - there are also always improvements to make for UI/UX, better data, etc.

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