Incorrect waste disposal can raise the earth's surface temperature by approx. 2°C, having devastating effects on our ecosystem. This is a small gesture that can be incorporated in our daily life and make a positive impact towards climate change.

What it does

We at Eco-saviors help you segregate your waste and dispose it in the right way. Our webpage gives you information about all the best methods to effectively dispose of different types of waste. We also designed a chatbot which keeps users updated about latest climate news, effects of different materials on the environment and to schedule a pick-up with different waste management centers nearby.

How we built it

  • For the Webpage design- we used HTML, styled using CSS, added functionality via JavaScript, NodeJs and bootstrapped with Create React App
  • Using Google’s Dialog Flow and its seamless integration with Kommunicate, eco-bot was designed with many features to give the best user experience.
  • Latest News articles about climate change were called by using Google News API Webhooks.
  • Users locations were tracked to show nearby waste management centers using GeoLocation API.
  • Related articles are suggested by processing the user's input through search API and top 3 results were presented.
  • Took advantage of custom payloads to design form submissions within the chatbot using JSON.

Challenges we ran into

  • Developing the EcoBot in very less time without prior knowledge of Google’s Dialogflow
  • Making the EcoBot dynamic
  • Team having different programming language backgrounds

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully developed a chatbot which focuses on climate and waste management services.
  • Enhanced GUI, easy and effortless accessing for users with just a few clicks away.
  • Integrated the chatbot with a web page in NodeJS and deployed in Heroku.
  • Go-to market strategy
  • Though we come from different programming backgrounds, we are able to get our project idea working!

What we learned

  • New Skills- Google Dialogflow, NodeJs, React app deployment
  • Exploring Google APIs and Webhooks
  • Developing the product with good market go-to strategy
  • Learning the importance of defining the scope and vision for the idea
  • Integrating the EcoBot with different platforms.
  • Team building and virtual communication via Microsoft Teams, Discord and other cloud platforms

What's next for Eco-Saviors

We are looking into two main areas of future scope for the “Eco-Saviors”:

  • Development perspective: Detecting Plastic’s Carbon footprint when an image is uploaded to the EcoBot and suggesting alternatives to minimize the usage of products that are harmful for the environment
  • Awareness Perspective: Integrating into various platforms like slack, facebook and also, our SAP Jam page so it can reach more people and corporate employees.
  • Machine Learning: Users can upload images and get customized responses on recycle methods by incorporating image recognition software in EcoBot.

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