During quarantine, many of us haven't been eating healthy. So we wanted to take this opportunity to change that. Also, we wanted to make a big change to help nature, and one way we thought of that was to make a recipe generator for non-veg dishes using vegan ingredients.

What it does

This app suggests recipes based on the ingredients you have left in your fridge, which saves you so much time and energy from searching up recipes, and helps save animals by providing healthy and delicious vegan recipes.

How we built it

We made this app using React JS with a database called json-server. Through making API calls, we were able to store our fridge items in that database and use them to query when using the Spoonacular API for recipes and instructions.

Challenges we ran into

For a lot of us, this was the first time ever we worked with React, and it was challenging! Also, creating a user-friendly API and suggesting relevant recipes was another hurdle.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!! And it helps with so many food dilemmas.

What we learned

How to code with react JS and how to work in a team, despite being in different time zones.

What's next for Eco-Recipy

Making the interface more interactive, suggest more recipes, and possibly include suggestions on eco-friendly ways to change our homes for the better, such as suggestions to save water and veggie parts for later use in cooking, and more.

Built With

  • cssmodules
  • json-server
  • react
  • reacthooks
  • reactrouter
  • spoonacularapi
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