Living in a city like San Ramon, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mihika and Ramitha realized how privileged they were to have an abundance of opportunity around them for any field they wanted to pursue, and that other people did not have these opportunities.

What it does

*SOAR is a company that takes chapter projects from third-party companies and allows workers on the lower end of the wage spectrum to pursue them. *

How we built it

We built SOAR using Figma, Dropbox, Skillshare, and Icebreaker. We also teamed up with LinkedIn and Monster, who sponsored us.

Challenges we ran into

Finding third-party companies who needed mentees was difficult at the time, but with the help of our great PR team and the amount of commitment we have for marketing, we were able to get over this hurdle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of reaching over 3 million people after having started this project only a year ago. We've also been recognized by huge organizations, such as Forbes and USAToday.

What we learned

We learned that people tend to learn at different paces, so it's important to use various platforms to reach students and help them learn in their own ways.

What's next for SOAR

Next up, we are going to be creating new branches for SOAR, expand to different countries, and partnering with newer brands.

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