Travelling from home to workplace and then back home is a tedious task. If every individual starts using private fueled vehicles for this purpose then the amount of carbon in atmosphere is going to rise exponentially. But now gamification has come to our rescue . Games can act as a source of motivation for citizens to use public transport for their daily travelling.

What it does

Get ready to play an exciting game. The users have to take a picture of the ticket provided by public transport. Upload this ticket on Eco Mobility App. Don't try to upload a single ticket multiple times, it will catch you. After uploading the ticket our AI powered autonomous system will extract information about your low carbon emission activity and reward you with Leafcoins (Our own Eco Currency). The distance you have travelled through public transport will determine users position on leaderboard. Top three users for the day on leaderboard will receive exclusive rewards. Users can use their Leafcoins as a coupons to buy products of tie up companies at discounted rate.

How we built it

We have used flutter to make the Eco Mobility App for android as well as ios platform. The autonomous AI powered system that extracts information from ticket uses Google ML Kit for Optical Character Recognition. Further the names of places are converted into coordinates using Here Maps Geo Encoding and the distance of optimal route between them is calculated with the help of Here Maps Routing API. Image of each ticket is then hashed and stored in Firestore Database to validate the uniqueness of each uploaded ticket. We have used firebase to store user data regarding the Leafcoin and distance travelled using public transport.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been successful in making a fully functional app. Automation of intermediate processes have really worked well. We have worked hard on our app's UI. We have tried our best to blend travelling with gamification and provide users with an unique experience. Combination of rest API, AI, cloud technologies and app development frameworks has worked really well , motivating us to scale our prototype.

What we learned

We have gained good practical experience about the processes involved in application development. We learned about how to find the best frameworks which would sync with our project idea perfectly. We have gained a considerable amount of knowledge in blending various advanced technologies together to make high level modern applications. We have also practiced analyzing our project from business point of view.

What's next for Eco Mobility

We are trying to develop a business model around this idea so that we could convert our prototype into fully scaled product. We are also trying to combine with regional public transport services so that we could boost the public transport ministries revenue. Inclusion of other low carbon emission activities in Eco Mobility App would bring more environmental awareness among people.

Built With

  • dart
  • firebase
  • flutter
  • google-ml-kit
  • here-maps-geoencoding-api
  • here-maps-routing-api
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