Inspiration: Our inspiration was looking at how other apps could make the users to achieve their short-term and long-term goals. Here as a youth and as we are one of those who concern about the ecosystem,about our environment, we applied this to the nature because to saving our planet is very crucial towards the well-being of the upcoming generations.

What it does: Eco Mania is an app where you can find every single data ,current updates about the nature and the amount of it getting deteriorated as well as you can have fun games which can aware about our current state of ecosystem to the users.

How I built it: The two parts of how we built Eco Mania was building the idea which started off by identifying a problem,then we realised there are some people who realise the issue,but don't take any steps and there are some people who take steps to cobat the issue but could'nt able to make it at a whole. So to solve this,we came up with an idea where there would be deep info about our globe and fun game features to make the process feel more adventurous and interesting.We used certain frameworks as mentioned above so that Eco Mania can be good for both higher class professionals as well as childrens and teens.

Challenges I ran into: One greatest challenge we encountered was with team building because none of us had the idea abouth what a hackathon is as this is our first time . On the first day of the hackathon, we had trouble with how to get this started. This thing took a lot of time ,but then however, we sorted out the problems and began tasking each other to have more active participation . We also had a lot of technical challenges with certain code errors as Eco Mania included both search engine and a game .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We are very proud of being able to create this prototype within a short interval of time. We are also very happy to developed an idea which is both unique,realistic and impactful. Eco Mania is very special because it's an enjoyable way for people of all ages and backgrounds to grow towards a green lifestyle! We are also proud of our improvement in communication and ideas to form this unique product.

What I learned: We learned about how necessary it is to think from a user point of view both for an adult and a child. Most features of our app are specially designed with people's accessibility and comfort. We also learned and improved when it came to an uniform idea sharing and communication. Though we had started with a bit difficulty, we learned to always keep the user at the center of our mind when it is about innovating a thing.

What's next for Eco Mania:

There's so much for Eco Mania upcoming! We wish we could do everything,but we have tried our best to accomplish this within 2 days. However, there are still so many features to be added for Eco Mania in order to make it a more realistic, interactive, and engaging way of supporting the environment. Here are the features that we have planned to further Eco Mania: -Improve similarity Algorithms:using some more frameworks to be more efficient -Run pilot with NGOs,and Environmental Educators:use it in practical field -Reaching out for public officials and public demands: for feedback from public officials and the common people. -Settings tab to change themes, notification etc -commercializing Eco Mania by some Advertisements consisting eco friendly products such as bicycles,smoke caps,recycled goods etc -Adding more realistic levels and features.

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