Empower HydroQuebec customers to decrease their energy consumption.

What it does

We improve the HydroQuebec notification message about your energy consumption with:

  • sending the message when the customer has consumed 75% of her or his expected energy consumption (whereas HydroQuebec send a message when you use more energy than you were expected)
  • precising what a similar and ecofriendly house would use for the same period of time (HydroQuebec only compare the energy consumption with other customers)
  • giving one tip per notification to help the customer to decrease her or his consumption.

How we built it

The app was built by Xcode in apple we can also deploy for any other devices (e.g. Android). We hope that this feature will be linked to the HydroQuebec app to use easily the available data.

Challenges we ran into

We discover that our first idea already exists. So we choose to improve the HydroQuebec app with a feature to bring awareness on consumption habits and educate them on easily implementable ways to reduce energy use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Choose to do something specific and which has an important societal impact. We succeed in adapting the solution for HydroQuebec customers to have a big impact over 4 millions of individuals.

What we learned

We learn that improving a popular tool already existing can be better that trying to create a total new object that will not reach easily and quickly customers.

What's next for ECO impact

Convince HydroQuebec to develop our tool in three steps:

  • finance research to know precisely what a sustainable house would consume in terms of energy depending on the size, the number of individuals living in it, the localisation…. and finding the most efficient tips to reduce the consumption
  • implementing the feature in their app
  • modifying the notification usually sent to their customers

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