Higher or Lower game that already exists

What it does

It compares the carbon emission per kg for 2 items and you have to guess if an object is higher or lower than the first one

How we built it

We started by finding the database and parsing it with Python. We then convert the data into a .json file. While a part of the team is handling the database, the rest are building the website with node.js and express.js. Finally, we wrote the javascript code to get the data from the json file and display it on the UI.

Challenges we ran into

Searching relevant databases and learning / developing with new technology since we are still quite new with Javascript and node.js

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although there's still some polish left to do, we are happy to have finished the basic functionality of the website. As a team with no much experience in Javascript and Web dev, we're proud to have accomplished this game which runs relatively smoothly

What we learned

We mostly learned a lot of Javascript, Node.js, Ejs and CSS. However, we did discover the importance of communicating with each other so we always stay on the same page when we're working on separate tasks. This communication helps facilitate merge conflicts as well as the cohesion of the overall code and increase general productivity.

What's next for Eco Higher or Lower

We are thinking of implementing a sliding feature where the images swap by sliding across the screen instead of jumping to the next position immediately.

We're also thinking of fixing the css issues for mobile user and ultimately make it mobile friendly.

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