We are a group of high school students that are concerned about the environment, as there is only so much and most of the human population contributes to the pollution in the environment.

What it does

Our website allows you to take a short quiz to assess your lifestyle and habits that could possibly be hurting the environment. Taking this into account, we will give you easy tips and tricks on how to start a more eco-friendly lifestyle when it comes to your everyday life.

How we built it

Our team each had their own pages to work on, but when it came to designs, ideas, and advice we all worked collaboratively with one another. Kate did the homepage as well as the footers and logos you see around the website. Daryna worked on the main quiz components and coding then into the pages as well as making all of the navigation bar tools. Kevina worked closely with Daryna on the quiz as well as help with everything anyone on our team could possibly need, from looking over code to coding different parts of each pages. Finally Anas worked on creating an amazing about us page and helping wherever he could.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge that we ran into while developing eco-habit is that we were not able to have the quiz pop up as a new tab showing a personalized list of challenges like we originally imagined. We resulted to having the challenges show up on the same page after things were ticked

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of what we made in this competition. This is because we have team members, where this was their first time to a hackathon as well as never knew how to code before the gear up week. The website for us turned out great, and we are all happy with how much we did in a short amount of time.

What we learned

Throughout this competition, our team learned a lot. Some of us learned how to code for the first time, others learnt how to embedded new feature into our website making it more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

What's next for Eco Habits

Introducing a login feature on the website so that people can track their progress and compete to win a variety of awards. These awards would work as a type of motivator to keep participants on track with their new eco habits.

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