Lots of people want to live more sustainably, but apart from maybe eating less meat and driving less, not everybody knows how. That's why we've built an app to further help everyone live more sustainably in surprising and fun ways.

What it does

Eco Guide is split into two major parts. The first part helps you save CO2, while the second shows you how much CO2 you produce.

Saving CO2: Eco Guide features lots of Tips on how you could save CO2. Each of these tips shows a personalized amount of CO2 you would save when following it. If you choose to accept the challenge you will be rewarded the CO2 and it will be displayed in your savings. Your saved CO2 gets converted into trees that you can view in a playful forest on the home screen. Additionally, Eco Guide features QuickTips. These fun facts are easily digestible snippets of information that can be viewed in a story like fashion (Think like Instagram, Snapchat, or Whats App -stories)

Producing CO2: In the onboarding, the user is asked a few questions to estimate their CO2 production. He can then view a detailed breakdown of how much CO2 he produces in what category. Additionally, Eco Guide also features an Emission Calculator. This Calculator lets anyone easily gauge how much CO2 is produced by his flight, steak, or many other factors.

How we built it

Eco Guide is completely built-in Swift with Swift-UI. It features a CoreData database, that can easily be converted to CloudKit to ensure syncing through multiple devices.

Challenges we ran into

Making the app very customized to each user, but at the same time easy to use and not asking 1000 questions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a well-designed app and managing to fill it with lots of information and sustainability tips in such a short time.
  • The QuickTips feature that allows the user to learn fun new facts in a story-like fashion (similar to Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp -stories)
  • Your own little forest: We calculate the CO2 you save into trees that are then displayed in the home view.

What we learned

To efficiently work under time pressure and filter out unnecessary features.

What's next for Eco Guide

Filling it with more tips and data and publishing it to the AppStore

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