Inspiration ⭐

Our group was trying to come up with ideas, we were jumping in between many because we wanted to do something we were all passionate about and felt needed fixing. That was when we had the idea of climate change and what can we do to maybe help slow it down or potentially stop it in the future. Since climate change littering and etc have been a huge problem for the world that has been an increase especially now of all times. And it’s been treated like a trend. So we decided to dedicate a website to people can you to learn what goes where. And be able to track their eco-friendly growth so hopefully everyone can have a brighter future. And makes sure everyone knows this is not à trend but an actual issue that won’t go away even if we ignore it.


What it does ⚙️

Our website is meant to educate anyone on where to throw stuff out I.E. TRASH, RECYCLE, and COMPOST. Not only that but if you were to make an account on our website you could be able to track how much you did and how that helped the environment. And keep you wanting to grow your eco-skills by seeing how much good you're doing. This will lead to cleaner communities and individually help people lead a better and more eco-friendly lifestyle. And most importantly make people feel more confident in their eco-skills, It will also make them feel like they are making a larger impact. Since the community will have seen a difference and want to participate.

How we built it 🔧

We built the backend using flask and python while using cockroachDB as a way to query our data. We used vanilla javascript, html and css for the frontend.

Challenges we ran into 🧐

We ran into a lot of challenges because we weren't super familiar with the tech stacks we used, but with each problem we solved, it became easier to debug and pinpoint each problem we encountered. The most prominent challenge we remembered the most is the fact that we spent four hours scouring the code base for the bug and it just ended up being a mistakenly capitalized variable ^^' These bugs and problems served to help us learn a lot more than we ever thought possible and we're happy that we overcame it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 💓

We are proud that we were able to bring our idea to life and that it is functional as well, and It helps spread a message we all individually are very passionate about and believe needs to be taken seriously. Not only that it took a long period of time to find a topic we all felt strongly about so we had even tighter time constraints. But we are proud to say we pulled through and have created something we are all proud of!

What we learned 🤓

All of us learned how to collectively work as a group and help each other out while pulling our weight under tight timing. We also learned We pushed ourselves to new limits and learned many new coding skills.

What's next for Eco Future 🆙

For our next steps, we hope to get more people on board with our plan to save the planet since who knows how many chances we have left? And to help expand people's knowledge about being eco-friendly and stopping climate change. This is our planet we need to understand it to know what it needs

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