Repurposearth is a website for all lovers of the environment.This website is dedicated to promoting the positive influence of recycling, reusing and upcycling. This app will drive others to recycle by incorporating a point system which will add up to money in the form of gift cards and special events.This point system works based on the users participation on the website. For example if a user posts a picture of them recycling, they earn 2SB out of 200SB. 200SB will be the equivalence of a dollar. This point system will also work for videos. If the user posts a “DIY” they will automatically gain 5SB. The SB value will raise for each like the user gets on their video. We built this website using wix. During the process of making this website we ran into many problems. Some major problems we ran into were construction and configuring the code, working together and configuring images to be visually pleasing to the user. We originally were going to use Dreamweaver, but due to the amount of time were not fully able to complete the0 task.00W1e had to go with plan B and make a wix website.Our drop down for categories where not working along with our structure. Once we overcame our challenges of having creative differences and setting up the CSS design, we were exceptionally proud of our achievements of working together as a unit. We learned how to communicate, and work together efficiently.Our next big step for Repurposearth is to gain sponsors and users to help jump start our building and financial process.

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