Our project is an app we develop to target food waste, an issue that produces 1.3 tonnes waste every year. The way our app works is that we take a picture of out fridge using an API for image recognition and through that we can detect the ingredients we already have in our fridge. The information we get from this is plugged into a recipe API that gives us a list of recipes using the ingredients we have in our fridge. We can also enter any dietary restrictions and allergies into our application to filter through our recipes given. We coded the prototype using python and we plan to finish coding this app with JavaScript and the IBM Watson image recognition when it’s available.

Food waste is an immense problem because, according to the U.N., roughly one-third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste. We were inspired to develop our project because even in Canada alone, it is estimated that $31 billion worth of food end up in landfills.


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