What it does :-Small holder farmers can't access high value distant markets due to high transport cost that sometimes exceed market value of their crops and force them to leave crops in fields with no harvest to harm environment ,reduce their income and food security ,Egypt suffers of continues increase of food prices and high rate of unemployment especially rural women who suffers of social norms that prevent them from working outside their homes and villages, despite food dehydrators can form solution , its industry is totally absent in Egyptian and Arab countries markets, thus ECO committed to turn such huge potential need and wide market gab of food dehydrators into business opportunity, how i built it :- ECO with support of EU Switch Med regional program , Tony Elumelu entrepreneurship African program , and Maser El Khair innovating for a cause program and based on next generation patented food dehydration technology managed to manufacture 3 models of food dehydrators that can serve on small, medium commercial scales and family scale ,to help farmers reducing crops bulk and weight , thus transport coast, by reducing crops moisture content from up to 90% to only about 7%, , it's perfectly designed to turn crops that usually go to waste into high value , long shelf life, top quality , powdered food in just hours, while extending crops self-life for several months to be consumed, sell or export in high price off season , creating IN HOUSE sustainable income opportunities for rural women that meet with their social norms to empower them socially and liberate them economically, helping families to increase food security and securing more nutrient food for their children by dehydrating crops in low price harvest season to be consumed in high price off season, preserving environment by reducing greenhouse gases emission from waste crops ,and conserving natural resources as water , land , fertilizers and energy that go to produce food that no one consumes by increasing efficiency of farm inputs,What i learned :-ECO believes that developing countries are in need for appropriate technologies that are more specific to their local conditions , and forcing developing countries to adopt technologies that developed in industrialized countries even through incentives program is not a solution as it does not insure adopting such technologies after the end of such programs,Accomplishments that I'm proud of:- ECO granted a patent (the second one is in process) and 8 international awards,What's next for ECO food dehydrators:- in the next phase of implementation , ECO committed to establish a sister company for food dehydration, and to penetrate markets of other Arab and African countries where huge potential need and wide market gab # Inspiration

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