“Everyday is a second chance”

“Imagine walking out of a grocery store with four bags of groceries, dropping one in the parking lot, and just not bothering to pick it up. That's essentially what we're doing.”

These quotes undeniably struck a chord with us. It gave us the vision to build a system that helps people find a way for a zero-waste kitchen and also to give a second chance to their leftovers not to landfills (we all know that when food waste is disposed in landfills, it emits a significant amount of greenhouse gases, proving it to be a threat to the environment and climate change. Food waste has been such a Global issue that relatively has been paid little attention to, there's still a lot of people around us who go to bed with a hungry stomach everyday, yet we have completely neglected that fact. Not to mention the environmental impact of food waste in the current scenario and in the future. So, to give a second chance to our leftovers, a second bite to the needy, a second combat to save the planet, to share more, care more and waste less, Second Bites was born!.

What it does

SECOND BITES is a mobile application that focuses on fighting food waste in our households and aims for a zero-waste kitchen thus helping the users to contribute to food sustainability. This app can keep track of a person's kitchen soon to expire leftovers, finding new recipes with the ingredients/leftovers available, donating extra untouched edible food to people in need by reaching out to the volunteers/ NGOs, and also managing the non-edible food waste by composting it with the community people.

  • Can’t Keep track of your soon-to-expire food? Our app reminds you of the food items, leftovers available and track your expiry and get providing info on how to make the best out of them.

  • Don't know what to do with your leftovers? Second bites provide you with a second chance at your leftovers.Turn them into amazing meals by discovering new leftover recipes and make them worth while!

  • Want to support the people in need of food? Connect with nearby NGO's through the app and share the extra food!

  • Just realized that your wasted food fills up landfills and emit greenhouse gases which could harm the encironment and lead to a destructive climate change? Find people aorund you and convert your non edible food waste to helpful energy via compost, together with the community.

Lets share more, care more and waste less!

How we built it

With the help of Figma - a Design and Prototyping tool.

Challenges we ran into

Researching → impacts of food waste on the environment and our own households . Accurate details of household food wastage. Most of the members in the team were new to figma, one had prior experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Being able to give an effective solution for food waste management.
  • The interface is also clean, intuitive, and functional.
  • Even though we had a few difficulties ,we're definitely proud that we didn't leave this journey in between and we took all the difficulties as challenges.
  • As a group of Figma noobs ,, we are proud of being able to create a prototype with no coding.

What we learned

Designing and developing a idea to implementation quickly - Use of figma. How to focus more on sustainability, community engagement/socialization. We learned a lot about time management and new ways to organize and plan our ideas and also how to divide our time between specific tasks and work more efficiently! By working as a team, we were able to improve UI/UX skills among our team. Also, we realized how teamwork can achieve a big task in a short amount of time from valuable contributions from each of us.

What's next for Second Bites

Second Bites has a lot of potential to become a real-life tool to reduce food wastage . To implement more features, so it can benefit on a large scale directed towards food sustainability not only in our own household but also in every sphere of life. We aim to develop our project into reality and to go past just a concept to a fully functional application.

Built With

  • figma
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