Avoid tipical route recommendators. Offer pleasant routes for persons and cylces, spare time routes, etc.

What it does

Recommend alternative routes (others from based on time or distance efficience that are the common) based on users preferences or circumstances

Alternative ways to move yourself in the city: Fast route Short route Peaceful (quiet) Uncrowded route Green (trees, bushes) CleanAir route Less carbon printfoot Bars route Shopping route Restroom route Seesight route


Payment by subscription. Ads of shopping and bars/pubs routes. Big Data sales of citizens movement in the city and useful info about ciclers.

How we built it

We collect Open data from Goverment and City Council. Store it in Mongo Database. Analyse it with Python. Build a Spatial routes constructor. Backend technology PHP. Front end : bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Tha huge amount of data we have to deal with and the different structures of this data can have.

Work with spatial data to build the routes recomendations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Basic application and project idea.

What we learned

Organize in short time sprint projects. Work with spatial data.

What's next for eco-city-zen

Build modules for storing user based data.

Built With

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