We were inspired by #trashtagchallenge where a person to go out of their way and clean up litter-soaked places to the likes of beaches, forests, and public parks. As a team, we asked ourselves, “If one person could clean up a whole area from scratch, what impact would it have if a group of people kept getting together to pursue this challenge?”

We wanted this to become big in Vancouver first since there are many International students who desire community activity to make new friends. Also, there are Outdoor events such as music festivals that happen regularly in Vancouver. If people gathered together to clean up after these Outdoor events it would help our environment and community.

What it does

We provide a platform that connects people to participate in the "Trash-Tag-Challenge" collaboratively. People can easily access our website and search for any challenging activities. Once the group is formed, we will deliver boxes named "Eco-Box", which will contain gloves, 2 recycling plastic bags per person, and short instructions about recycling items. After people clean up the garbage in that certain area, they will take a photo and upload to our website so that we can verify this activity and provide certificates for trash-tag challenge! (The group will also need to throw the garbage bags to the nearest garbage collection place).

How we built it

We decided on using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and JQuery to build our web application. To keep track of all our contributions, we used Git as a version control system.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges that we had was lack of technical knowledge. For back-end programming, we needed more time to implement actual database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our biggest accomplishment is motivating people to help nature and do this collaboratively. Our organization is reachable and our projects are attainable as well as inspiring for many people. We are also proud of giving out certificates to people based on the number of garbage collection events they attend, as well as building a community of users who post and follow events like this through our website. These details make our business economically feasible and self-sustained.

What we learned

We learned the importance of teamwork, and helping each other, because we had different levels of knowledge. We also learned important technical skills such as programming in HTML, CSS, and using Git as a version control system. This project was a great introductory project for front-end programming.

What's next for Eco-Box

We would like to reach out to many people in Vancouver, as well as spread this idea to other cities around the world. We also want to gain experience in back-end programming to create databases to store the posts, and store user accounts (for this hackathon, we only worked on the front-end side of our website).

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