Social cause to support women empowerment

What it does

A mobile application on Android & iOS and Web Admin Page that will enable the 3 parties to communicate in an effective manner, where

Entrepreneur Referrer - Users who want add information about women entrepreneurs who want to use the Kiosks. Location Referrer - Users who want to suggest location of Kiosks for food distribution. Eco Admins (NGO) - Eco Admins who will have a web based interface to approve the locations and entrepreneurs. Also they can read the feedback entered by Kiosk users.

How We built it

Django, Python for Web Admin and API Native App in Android Native App in iOS

Challenges we ran into

1) UI Screens look and feel 2) Allow users to pick location from map 3) Integrating (chat bots) 4) Developing django webservice for the first time for iOS and Android apps.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We have got a full fledged Android, iOS app as requested by NGO's

What we learnt

Django UI Designs chat bot Google Maps, MapView

What's next for Eco

Code Good to haves:

  1. Integrate with elastic search for better searching of kiosk locations
  2. Publish the web service to Python Any where
  3. Get the apps in App Store & Play Store
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