Environment is an essential part of our lives. The surroundings that we live in are directly related to our global health. Clean water, air, food supplies are essential to our well-being and health. However, we could all diminish our ecological footprint and make a little more to help our planet. Eco 311 gives the power to every citizen to report about environmental concern around the city. At the moment, if a user has an environmental concern, he has to call the 311 services. We were inspired by that movement, but found it very inefficient. Citizens can't waste time on the phone for a simple alternative like this. It is also inefficient for the employee to know how severe is the concern. With the new era of technologies, we thought an ecological alternative to 311 would be the perfect project.

What it does

Eco 311 let a user take a picture with our app of an environmental concern that he has. It can be water pollution, air pollution, trash, etc. With label detection, the Eco 311 application sends the data,picture and location to our web app, and place a marker instantaneously on the map. The employee can then click on a marker, and see the image and every info on the picture.

How we built it

For our app, we built it using flutter. Database are done with Firebase, and our web app is built with NodeJS, Html, Javascript and the google map API. Flutter uses the Google-vision api to perform image recognition on the uploaded image. The app then post the result to our Firebase account and our web app retrieve those information to display the data.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time using flutter and retrieving data from firebase. This was a challenge since our retrieved data was in JSON with NodeJS, and our code to process the markers was in javaScript. This was a challenge since the two didn't communicate well together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of making 2 functional apps that could really make a difference if users around Montreal use it.

What we learned

Firebase, flutter, JSON, javascript, debugging.

What's next for Eco 311

-implement functionality that won't allow a user to post a random picture -update markers functionality

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