Have you ever been programming and hit a bug which you just can't seem to solve? Stack Overflow or Github may provide a solution, but there are occasions where these sources are simply too rudimentary or do not have the information which is needed to solve the problem. The purpose of our project is to create an Eclipse plug-in which allows a programmer who cannot solve a problem to communicate directly with another programmer who can provide an effective solution.

(1) The original programmer, who is having issues coding, uploads a question to the Eclipse Help Room. Experienced programmers can see this questions on the website and proceed to contact the original programmer directly. (2) When the tutor is on eclipse, he/she can use the teacher client of the Eclipse Help Room to directly aid and contact the programmer has that problem. Once the Room ID has been entered, a live chat and live version of the student's code is displayed. (3) The tutor and student can communicate through the chat client and the tutor can directly edit the student's code through his computer to fix the student's errors. (4) After the problem is fixed, the question is removed from the website.

One simple application of this product is that if someone is trying to learn programming on their own and cannot get their code to work, then they can be matched with a knowledgeable programmer who can help resolve any problems. Another application of Eclipse Help is students helping each other at a hackathon to fix their bugs. Students will be able to explain solutions in the chat, and still allow the original programmers to implement the solutions in their own code.

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