As former CS106 students, we fondly remember the days where we constantly got taken off for style points. To be honest, we're still pretty bad at that sometimes - and the same goes for programmers all over the world. We decided to make something a quick, simple, and easily accessible tool for Java that fixes this problem.

What it does

This eclipse plugin auto-styles an entire Java document of any size, quickly, with a single click, by adding spaces and indentations where it deems helpful.

How we built it

We used Eclipse's plugin IDE.

Challenges we ran into

Indentations have a lot of different cases, many of which were hard to deal with. We attempted to use Houndify to access voice shortcuts for styling and perhaps allow for other code shortcuts as well. However, although we managed to record audio from the user using native java and convert it to a bitstream variable, we had a lot of trouble communicating with the Houndcloud API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

The auto-styling seems to work as intended in general, and we did almost get the speech to Java-shortcut feature with Houndcloud to work out.

What we learned

We learned how to develop plugins, take audio inputs, interact with text editors, and use various string techniques.

What's next for Eclippy - Eclipse Voice Shortcuts & Auto-Styler PlugIn

Have an actual Eclippy mascot pop up (just like the good old days) and offer advice! We would also like Eclippy to eventually recognize more advanced styling improvements such as redundant code (and perhaps even arms length recursion) eventually.

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