Today, interactive e-learning is the in thing considering safety against ongoing pandemic. Even in normal circumstances, e-learning is a fun way to learn and improve upon our knowledge. However, based on our experience, interactive e-Learning is either just a video chat or a screen sharing session. We wanted to provide an intuitive, 'dynamic', 360-degree interface which is easier for the tutors as well as the learners, thereby making learning fun!

And so, we present eClass Scheduler - Interactive and Dynamic online classroom, where the tutor configures the Airtable with details of daily courses, like Meeting Invite, Notes, Videos, etc and Students can login and view their daily schedule and conduct their daily courses in an interactive manner.

What it does

eClass Scheduler is a Airtable Block which provides an interactive interface where the learners and tutors come together on a single platform. The features of the app are:

  • Live Tracking of Current Schedule
  • Alerts on an upcoming Schedule Item - You need not worry on missing out a new class!
  • Live Data Feed Updates by Tutor
  • Discussion Forum
  • Intuitve Clock UI for Bird eye View of entire day's Schedule
  • Unique Colour Coded UI for real time view of each class to easily understand the schedule
  • Directly connect to Online Meetings in embeded view - If Online Meeting does not support embedding in iFrames, it can be opened in a new window
  • View Notes/Videos shared by the Tutor - with updates in Real Time by the Tutor
  • Responsive UI - UI Changes itself based on screen size

Also, the block can handle any kind of scheduling scenarios and would be useful in handling other schedules like:

  • Meetings: Where Meetings are configured in the Airtable and each individual can get all the information on a single screen
  • Task Management: Where Team Lead configures tasks in the Airtable and the entire Team can get a view of all Tasks and can also join into a Web Meeting to discuss
  • Software Development: Where the Technical Lead configures various tasks like development, testing, Bugs, etc and the developers and testers can easily interact and build a great product!
  • And Many More...!

How I built it

eClass Scheduler is an Airtable Block built using React and Blocks API.

The dynamic nature of Airtable, along with React's State based rendering makes it easier to pass on real-time updates to the learners. The tutor will configure the entire schedule in a single table, providing details of timings, notes, videos, online meeting invite and can even pass on live updates to the learners by updating the same table.

We took the "Course Scheduling" template which was primarily for class based course scheduling and added a new table to show how quickly that can be converted to a online course scheduler!

What's next for eClass Scheduler

More interactive Features can be added to make it more efficient and effective e-learning platform like assignments, tasks, etc

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