It has been observed that visually impaired people often require close ones who can help them learn text by reciting it.In order to learn about some news,they are dependent on others to recite.In today’s world,everyone is busy and this creates challenges for people who are dependent on others for their teaching. Similarly,some people often find it easier to learn when they are taught the topic verbally.

What it does

EchoForMe seeks to address challenges faced by people suffering from blindness,people who focus more on verbal concepts of teaching and also for those who wish to learn the way of recitation and pronunciation of english language words.To meet the demand of the target beneficiaries,the application has been provided with the following features: -User friendly environment that allows the reading option with just a click -Text to Audio conversion to hear the recitation of any desired text -Extracting out the latest news (depending upon current time) from News website and reading it -Saving all the text files in the database to keep a log of previous work

How we built it

EchoForMe is a web application built using Django and CockroachDB. Django is a high-level Python web framework that enables rapid development of secure and maintainable websites.It is used in integration with CockroachDB at the backend to enable storage of useful information and data logs.The UI is kept simple and interactive.

Challenges we ran into

We mostly faced challenges in setting up the url pages and using web scraping for extracting news real time from the sites.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We started with the idea just with the start of the hackathon and we are really proud of having learnt so many new skills in this limited 2 days timeline and finally come up with a dynamic website and full stack development.

What we learned

We learnt about some of the basic issues being faced by people with disabilities and the challenges they face in learning to read and write.We also focused upon the problem of pronunciation by some people(especially those who do not have an educated background).We are able to expand our knowledge of Python and use the existing frameworks to solve some of the real challenges being faced today.We also learnt about some of the existing technologies and a new database(cockroachDB) and its integration with our existing framework.

What's next for EchoForMe

-EchoForMe can be further developed to add the recommendation feature where it can read out those news which match the interests of the user. -We are trying to extend it other languages instead of only english -We intend to make the software much more robust and use other pre-trained models for text-to-speech conversion to compare their performance and use the tool that gives best performance. -To save time in reading useless contents,we plan to add the text summarisation module before creating audio files.This step will help us save both time and memory. -We are currently doing research on similar problems and aspire to add more features to the application as we progress further with our research.

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