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Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all services for sharing three things. Pictures, Videos, and Text. But what about voice? Voice is an essencial part of our personality, and one that often gets undermined by today's social media sharing services. Initially starting off as an idea for digitizing the game of telephone, Echoes was crafted with careful attention to detail, robust backend implementations, and a smooth, robust UI/UX. Built from the ground up using Parse API's (modified heavily to accustom our needs), we were able to create users, assign relationships within each user, share raw audio data between each user, and sync instantly in the background - all while leaving ample room for efficient scalability. The lively yet minimal user interface keeps the user engaged with animations and just the right amount of sparkle here and there.

The market for this type of app is vast and continues to expand exponentially. Echoes fills the gap between digital human interaction and real face-to-face conversations.

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