Echodex is a web application which aggregrates data from multiple sources (news websites, reddit, twitter), and uses NLP tools to show structured analysis on the content retrieved. It can be used to get a quick, unbiased look at products, companies or people: and what general sentiments are about them, or which entities are they closely linked to, and various other features. Echodex is built with a clean interface using streamlit.

Installation and Running

pip3 install -r requirements.txt
streamlit run dashboard/


The code can be roughly divided into three components, the scrapper class, the functions to call's API, and the streamlit app. The code has largely been abstracted to aid addition of code. Each of the modules can be edited independently. You will need api keys from both and newsapi to run the code, which can be followed on their websites.


There is an advanced configuration option for changing parameters. The details on how to use the app are in the app itself, and you can expand the specific views. After loading, you can view the key pieces of information extracted using

Built With

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