With Echo with Me, We analyze certain muscular degenerative diseases like ALS or paralysis and help patients improve on daily basis.

What it does

With the combination of Alexa and OpenBCI we provide fully automated instructions to the clients and based on the analysis of their movements, we can detect what's their performance based on their history.

How we built it

First, we built the OpenBCI and we wrote a Python program that sends a JSON request to the backend server which includes Amazon AWS and was programmed with Node.JS. On the backend side, we are able to analyze the client's performance by using NLP and send another HTTP request to the mobile application which visualizes the data to the client.

Challenges we ran into

  • Limited documentation of OpenBCI
  • Hardware configurations
  • Retaining reliable data
  • Architectural decisions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works! A fully operational product that was built by using multiple different technologies and helps muscular degenerative and ALS patients improve their lives.

What we learned

  • Building an application with OpenBCI
  • Using Amazon AWS and integrating it with Python Plotly
  • Using Amazon Web Services and NLP
  • Native Mobile Programming

What's next for Echo with Me

Our product has multiple capabilities that extend the detection of degenerative diseases; such capabilities include drug detection, physical therapy and other. There could also be a combination between Alexa, OpenBCI and Raspberry Pi in order for the product to be located under one package.

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