Echo is a system to detect street crimes like(Gunshot ,Burglary, Harrasment etc). It has an app on client side and a web portal on server side.

Machine learning

We have a machine learning system in app that is trained on gunshots, and has an accuracy of 98% on Urban sound dataset.

How it works:

Imagine a scenario, you are in lone street of karachi and get shot. Now your are unconscious and need aid. Our app will detect gunshot and then send your current location to Security Agencies, Who then take steps to provide you what is necessary. There are other scenarios like, burglary , Sexual Harassment in that cases you say a pass code like 'Neugo' or what ever. then app detects that sound and knows that something is not right and it records those instants and understand the context and situation you are currently in using machine learning. then again it notifies Security Agencies on their web portal about your current location and situation,So they provide you help.

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