As an HL7 integration engineer, I am always looking for better way to integrate two systems. To me, FHIR brings the promise an internet style integration pattern with a common data format in JSON. FHIR also tears down the walls between EHRs and the systems that require its data.

As a tech geek, I am always interested in the newest technology. The Amazon Echo launched in late 2014, one arrived at my doorstep on Christmas Eve in 2014. The SDK was released the summer of 2015 and I started writing demo skills for the Echo in the beginning of 2016.

Fusing these two technologies together highlights the value in open and secure patient data through innovative applications.

What it does

Gathers data from multiple sources, allows the practice to add value by giving patients meaningful instructions related to their diagnosis.

How I built it

The website and Echo are completely run from Amazon Web Services.

Challenges I ran into

Joining data that resides in a NoSQL database.

What's next for Echo on FHIR

Continue to develop app inside of Fuse at Cardinal Health. Use the app to demonstrate the FHIR api and inspire new apps around my community.

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