I struggle for years trying to learn guitar on my own and although I now even compose music I wish there was a way to have learned faster while also developing my ear training skills so I could instantly even play the music I constantly hear in my head.

I have heard the same complaints from other musicians and when doing user research and testing. It's one of the major reasons people give up playing.

What it does

Echo Automatically collects the songs you love from your playlists, organizes them by chord progressions, then breaks them down into easy & actionable bite-sized lessons so you can start learning to play by ear! So when you learn one song with Echo, you've actually learned most of the songs you already listen to and love.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

During the hackathon, the team that asked me to join them for my idea at the last minute decided to go off on another project which is fine things like this happens. But I have no choice but to keep going forward on my own. The challenge was that they were going to do the coding and no coding was done. I am a UX researcher and Designer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I the results from user testing and the iterations have inspired me, even more, to continue to move forward.

What I learned

Things don't always go as planned but that doesn't mean it wont workout.

What's next for ECHO | Music Learning App

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