When a symphony of platforms co-exist in perfect unison, working together to deliver an immersive experience: Echo. Bring the concert to your party.

We began to pursue this idea when we realized how limited one's options were for audio play-back services. At the time, one needed to have proper audio equipment set-up, spending hundreds of dollars, or be restricted to the faint audibility of a single device.

Imagine yourself at John's party. John's a nice guy, but he's pretty frugal. He gets the cheap chips and the unbranded pop, and the only speaker is his 300 dollar laptop. No one can hear the music over the lively chatter. You try to boost the audio by gathering a few of your friends, grabbing your phones, finding the one song all of you have in common, and trying your best to all hit that little play button at the exact same time. But that never works.

Echo to the rescue! Connect with ANY device and play YOUR song on EVERY other device. Most importantly, play at the exact same time. With our advanced synchronization technique, every connected device will enhance the experience. Social music lovers will love Echo, allowing them to blast their favorite songs with all their friends.

The major hurdle to this application is being able to synchronize all devices. The human ear is extremely sensitive to mismatches in phase, and having just one device a fraction of a second off will ruin the experience. Echo will take care of that. Simply connect and enjoy.

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