What it does

Our app uses the IBM Watson personality analysis tool to analyze mission statements from local artists and nonprofits to suggest creative matches for collaboration. Portions of the grant money that artists receive for their projects will be shared with nonprofits, and the populations that the nonprofits serve will participate in the art installations, perhaps as photography subjects, drawing models, actors, stage hands, or more. Service recipients will have the chance to share their stories via the app and reach a broad audience. Artists' work will reach diverse segments of the population and be eligible for grant money based on the community involvement that their work offers.

How I built it

We have an iOS front end. The back end, built on Sinatra, uses the IBM Watson API to analyze nonprofits' and artists' mission statements and suggest collaborative matches based on their personalities.

Challenges I ran into

Learning the IBM Watson API, writing a matching algorithm from scratch, defining our mission

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating Sinatra with iOS, learning design, learning more about the development process

What I learned

More about the development process, debugging, division of responsibilities, design, building an API

What's next for Echo

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