We wanted to make an accessible hack for people in geriatric care, nursing homes, or who have assisted living situations. The ability to remove a nurse's assistant and replace them with a cheap Amazon Alexa allows for increased responsiveness, according to urgency of the patient's needs, and availability of the nursing staff.

What it does

Echo Care works as a nurse's assistant, performing small tasks like medication reminders and instructions, contacting the patient's nurse, and fielding questions that a CNA would normally ask. Echo Care provides a helpful readout for the nurse consisting of a report of the patient's responses, delivered by email or phone call.

How I built it

We used the AWS services to manage and host a database, dynamic website, and Amazon Alexa Skills. Programs we used were flask, mySQL, yagmail, and CodeIgniter

Challenges I ran into

General learning curves to CodeIgniter and Flask

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got a working Alexa skill that can make a positive impact on society and health care practices.

What I learned

We learned a good bit about flask and Alexa Skills, we learned how to use the CodeIgniter framework for PHP

What's next for Echo Care

A secure website with accurate amazon account information to link patients to real nurses

Built With

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