Our project will essentially "read" the user's heart beat over a 15 second period, calculate a heart rate, and based on that output a song for the user to listen to. Slower heart rates will output more chill songs, faster heart rates will select more high energy songs. We will read the electrical activity of the user's heart using three electrodes, creating an ECG signal. This signal will be transduced, filtered, and amplified using an instrumentation amplifier, and active filters using op-amps. Arduino will be interfaced with Matlab, where the signal will be processed and a song chosen from a library will be outputted. In order to clean up the signal, we will most likely use a bandpass filter within the circuit. The signal will also have to be amplified. One strategy for calculating the heart beat would be to use the find peaks function in Matlab. Other possible outputs with the song would be some blinking LEDs.

By April 3rd, we will have the hardware filters finished, and should be able to interface the ECG cables with the circuit. By April 17th, we will finish the Arduino and Matlab software needed to read, communicate, and process the ECG signal into a song output.

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