System eCall is designed to automatically or manually call for help in case of emergency and to minimize the time when the help comes. eCall app automatically detects an accident with use of built-in sensors (accelerometer, gps etc) and automatically turns on the call for help mode.

Notification modes:

Manual notification - call for help with samsung gear button.

Automatic notification - activated automatically by the system, if the built-in sensors detect the accident. In case of false alarm you can quickly cancel the notification.

You can define the alarm number in the application (112, family, friend etc) which will be used to call to, also you can define the number on which the SMS message with the GPS coordinates will be send.

The app can save someones life in case of road accident, extreme sports accident and in other dangerous situations.

eCall system is intended to make call for help much easier and faster. In the current state the app is just a prototype. In the future we hope that with use of notifications API, the app will be fully capable of described features.

Also the app is intended to be a support to European system of rapid reporting of road accidents, which is connected with the "eSafety" initiative.

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