Do you want to feel safe during the trip in your car? With the eCall device it's now possible, regardless of time of the day and place that your in. System protects passengers, calls for help in case of emergency, and notifies the relevant services about dangerous incident on the road.

eCall is a brand new system of an immediate, automatic notification of accidents. It can be used while driving a car, practicing extreme sports and anywhere else where is the risk of accident.

The eCall app is ergonomic and interactive device. With the GPS and GSM network it's always with you, that in case of a dangerous situation calls for help immediately.

The eCall system is activating when the accident, fall or collision occures. The system after detecting previously defined g force threshold or tilt of the car sends the message with the GPS coordinates and possibility of viewing the place on a map on a defined phone number. Additionally the app calls on a 112 or other defined number.

If the voice contact will be established and the injuries will be defined, the decision on what services to call is made. In case when the centre is not able to contact with injured man, it calls for an ambulance and police. There is also a possibility of calling for help in any moment from a help centre, by clicking the button on a phone, or Samsung Gear device screen. It is very important in case of feeling unwell, fainting, myocardial infarction or other.

The accident is detected, and the notification is send to the help centre when:

  • rollover occures
  • g force above 2G occures (to set in settings)
  • in case of detecing the accident the device automatically sends the information to the help centre, and establishes the phone call


Having our app, we give you the highest guarantee of safety. Technologically advanced, highly functional and easy to use app interface significantly increases chances to rescue, even in the most dangerous situations. A simple flowchart of eCall increases chances of instant help arrival. In case of a road accident:

  • immediate, automatical phone call to help centre is made
  • automatical establishment of a accident is made
  • the SMS message with the GPS coordinates is automatically send
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