The eBX – Electronic Betcoin exchange is the future platform for online betting for sports and esport’s. The transactions of eBX are managed and conducted through Ethereum smart contracts and a private blockchain network. All of eBX’s transactions are done in eBX’s very own cryptocurrency called BetCoin. The firm will issue an ICO for BetCoin, which value is driven by the volume and demand for transactions conducted on the eBX. However, the issue of the ICO is first done through Ether smart contracts, and the value of each BetCoin will first initially be equivalent to a value of Ether. Our team also scraped data from NBA- to calculate various odds on different bets that each user may purchase. When a user wants to make a bet: 1. They fist select the sport they would like to bet on 2. They will then see a series of games/situations with corresponding betting odds that they may bet on 3. Once they submit a bet they must sign the transaction with their BetCoin wallet private key 3. The transaction is sent to a smart contract 4. After all bets have been collected, one smart contract will hold a pool of all the bets placed 5. As soon as the game finished, the smart contract will be triggered by this even and the money will be distributed to the corresponding winners of the bet.

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