When a child surgery is taking place, parent and children anxiety has been detected as a crucial point. Giving updated information is essential to allow parents to have feedback of the status of the surgery, and usually this process takes crucial time from caregivers. Besides that, children are often scared and nervous in the anesthesiology and operation processes.

What it does

We split our idea in 2 parts:

  • An application that will automatically send updated information to family depending of how the surgery is going, reducing the time that doctors and nurses are giving to families during the surgery.
  • A robot that helps the kid to reduce fear and calm him down. It will be a friend which mirror kid's emotions, giving a protection sense and comprehension.

How we built it

The robot chassis would be made with 3D printers, of a biocompatible and non magnetic material. It would also include microcontrollers and DC motors. For the physical interaction with patients and familiars, some cameras are included to recognize faces and emotions to give personalized answers. To give realism to the robot-face, light projection technology will be used (from the inside the head). Finally the robot would include a motion system based on marks recognition along the hospital.

Challenges we ran into

We mainly highlight the problem of the age of the children. Our robot can be used for a wide range of ages, from 0 to 8 years old, but not excluding the other ages, where games might be redesign according their age.

Besides that, understanding children was another interesting challenge we dealt with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The eBuddy is a different and new alternative to be used as a personal friend for kids, to give them enough power and confidence to overcome surgery. Besides that, both robot and app will help doctors to focus on their job, reducing caregivers time (avoiding giving updates during the surgery) and providing a more comfortable and calm kid.

What we learnt

One of the most important things we learnt is to deal with different points of view the same problem can cause. Contact with real employers allowed us to understand better what are the real problems the health sector has and how we need to go through solutions.

What's next for eBuddy by SalmaTech

We have a lot of more ideas that our robot may implement in the future. For example, we are thinking about widen the age range of kids to 12 years, creating an interactive "friend" to whom the boy can talk in order to distract him. We think the range 8-12 years old boys do not want to feel like 'little children', and a real-time, artificial intelligent friend may help.

A smooth, fluffy and washable cover that can be used to give a feeling of sympathy, delight and affection in children.

A better design of the body and structure can de done.

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