My friend started a book club, but we were having trouble figuring out how to organize the discussion around the book, and she ended up searching for questions. I figured this could be useful if there were these questions for all types of classic (we were reading the Handmaid's Tale) and books that are typically assigned to high school students.

What it does

The app allows anyone to create a book club, choose a book, design their own questions, and join other clubs that they are nearby, or by name. This can help students if they are unsure how to prepare for a round table discussion, or ask for help if they are stuck on a particular point of view of the novel. A teacher could also create their own book club, and have students respond, with comments, to the questions the teacher posts.

How I built it

I used Android Setup for the first time.

Challenges I ran into

I had a lot of trouble getting the buttons to actually move to the next activity, and getting the text to format how I wanted it to. Although I did not complete this app, I believe I would have been able to accomplish what I wanted to if I had more time. I also ran into a lot of problems that many of the mentors had trouble helping me with.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to come up with an idea that seemed simple, but was a bit more difficult. In the end, I am happy with the way the app looks, and given how far I have gotten.

What I learned

How Java is incorporated with app development, how to become an Android Developer, How to use and navigate Android Setup, and that Stack Overflow has some useful tips.

What's next for eBookClub

Hopefully I will be able to finish it, and maybe pitch it to GooglePlay, or have my friends and I use the app.

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