At the beginning of this contest , we want to show our skills so, we already know the basics and some new things about node.js and mongodb and html, css , js already learned in the sem - 1 itself so, we would like to build an application in which we could use database and frontend part so , at that time we got an idea about ebook library system.

What it does

1.In this web application we created an admin interface and user interface.

2.Admin can logged into his/her account and mange the books and the users lists

  1. Admin can add the books and delete the books and make it available for the users to view the books

4.user can logged into their accounts and view the books and they can get the books

How we built it

we built this application by using express API and embedded java script templates, html, css, bootstrap for the frontend and for the data storage we used mongodb.

Challenges we ran into

we faced so many difficulties to create a login session using jwt (json web token), and retrieving the data dynamically from database to the individual database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Me and my team are so proud of completing the project which we wanted to do and present it to this hackathon (Hackoonamatata) in this 2 day stipulated time

What we learned

we learned about different modules in nodejs , new css techniques

What's next for ebook Library

we have to improve authentication part into more secure

user can give reviews and ratings

user can send req for a book and admins should Accept or decline request

we want to take this project to real life application

at last we have to add more responsiveness to it

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