Inspiration -

I'm often forgotten, sitting on the outskirts of technology looking in with my disconnected flip phone. I wanted to feel included without the necessity of plugging in while I was 'awk' while still enabling those with wireless accessibility to enjoy themselves as well.

What it does -

This is a website that gives social networking in one place. It allows you to connect to your favorite players via different media along, fellow Tribe fans and your friends. It will enable certain individuals to moderate content and allows for members to vote on member created content which will be featured on the 'It's A Hit!' page. There is the ability to use your webcam to take a picture and import it into a player's cap and uniform so that you feel part of the team. There is also random, fun trivia.

How I built it -

I pieced this together learning some HTML and MS Paint.

Challenges I ran into -

I built this on a screen that was larger than my laptop and I do not know how to make my banner stationary as it is a series of images for links, so when I went to my laptop it cut off the screen and went to the next line. I had to adjust my screen size to 90% for that to look appropriate. I learned that the webcam aspect does not work locally because it needs to go over HTTPS. Oh well. Sad face emoji.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of -

I really like the layout and design. And the pictures of my dogs. Sure it's a place holder, but how could you not love dogs?

What I learned -

I learned how to have three columns in a website and how to have webcam accessed through the site.

What's next for EBIRT: A Site for the Tribe -

Learning more code and making my ideas a reality.

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