Internt poker

What it does

It's an new/old approch to an internet auction system. It's an addon mobile app that can reform the auction system in ebay.

How I built it

My team and I built in in android. Gon has created the animations, I wrote most the code and Roy also wrote a bit we created one app for the user and one app for the presntation. We used firebase as our backend.

Challenges I ran into

The api was a bit problematic but the mentors at the event helped a lot. I was sick for 4 days before the event and planned to not show up, but eventually did.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app looks really good considering the time we had, and so does the presentation. We got animations working aswell which was very nice.

What I learned

Animating characters and designing UI - Gon; A lot of Android syntax, xml designing, team work - Roy; I learned the Firebase enviorment and how to animate views in android, turned out great! - Idan

What's next for ebid

Personalization for the user experience- we would like the app to learn the users' preferences and to eventually route them to rooms that would interest them.

Built With

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