• ID: amzn1.ask.skill.efc1fc59-6469-4ace-a304-5f260b918cd2
  • Name: Ebay Bid Checker
  • Supported Languages: English (IN), English (AU), German, English (US), English (CA), English (UK), French is coming soon...


I'm always bidding on items on my phone through Ebay, and I wanted an easier and more effective way to manage my bids while using my voice.

What it does

The skill offers many functions currently, though more functions and intents can be easily added. These functions include:

  1. The ability to check the status of each auction and check who is the highest bidder.
  2. To check the remaining time left of each auction.
  3. Return the amount of unread messages.
  4. Return information about recent won and bought items, as well as the latest tracking information if available.
  5. Check sellling stats, about bids, income and views.
  6. List watched items (COMING SOON)

How I built it

The skill uses nodejs and the Alexa Skills Kit SDK, this makes up the framework. A range of nodejs modules have been used to run, gather and parse API information retrieved from Ebay. The Mocha testing framework has been used to unit test each intent separately to identify coding bugs and to test the functionality of the intent.

Challenges I ran into

  • The whole oauth pipeline and the procedures that make it into a successful account linking service.
  • Oauth tokens that wouldn't be accepted by the authorisation service while using a landing page. I managed to get round this by adding credential information into the request and bingo it worked!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating an app that queries information from Ebay quickly and effectively. And I'm very proud of getting account linking to work, as this was a very tough task!

What I learned

A range of skills I learnt, included the use of oauth2 in linking people to accounts on a authorisation service. As well as that, the techniques to retrieve the access token to query API calls to get bid information and message information.

What's next for Ebay Bid Checker

The ability to bid up items in price within active bids would be of interest to users and maybe the integration to the API Paypal offers.

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