Script that adds to the "Watch" counter of a specified eBay listing in an attempt to make the listing more popular, increasing the number of real visitors that see the listing, which in turn helps the listing appear higher in search results and also makes the product appear as though it's in high-demand since it has a lot of "Watchers". Simply put, an SEO tool for eBay listings.


Python dependencies: requests, bs4
Catch-All Domain
Proxies (more/rotating == better)


What link do you want to watch: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/283116687683
What is your catch-all domain (ex. ebae.com): ebae.com
How many accounts do you want to watch the page: 5


This project was made for educational purposes only. Please use responsibly.

What's next for ebay-watcher

  • Integration through a Discord bot for users to use by entering a command such as "!ebay watch 500 https://www.ebay.ca/itm/283116687683"
  • Add option to just view items instead of watching them
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