Many clubs and smaller organizations advertise fundraisers to students and their community by inviting people to attend via Facebook events. Although many people may indicate "going" on Facebook, they do not always show up, so smaller organizations find it difficult to gauge the number of products to offer at the event itself. Our solution is to offer a streamlined service that helps clubs manage fundraiser pre-orders.

What it does

Our product offers a simple solution for people who organize fundraisers for clubs and small organizations to manage pre-orders. By using our product, organizers can easily gauge the level of interest certain fundraiser items gather from their public before the event occurs. They can use this information to gather an appropriate number of each item according to the estimated level of consumer demand, thereby maximizing money earned through the fundraiser.

How we built it

We used eBay's APIs to manage the buying and selling of fundraiser products. We used Javascript, CSS, and HTML to display the webpage with its information on products. We used Firebase to create a database of associated organizations, their fundraisers, and details on the events.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and What we learned

We expanded our knowledge of Firebase and learned to use eBay's APIs to create this project. By having each member of the team step out of their comfort zone and explore a new area of coding, we each learned a lot this weekend. The member of the team working on front-end had done little work with front-end before this project. The member using Firebase had never used it before. We are very proud of how much we each learned this weekend.

What's next for eBae

We plan to scale this product by creating a mobile app companion for organizers on-the-go to have greater ease when managing their products. We would also like to strengthen the connection between our web dev and domain.

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