Found myself at a career fair with over 100 of companies and a list of the ones I wanted to see. But I had to keep going back and forth through the maps; therefore, decided on making something that would show me where everything I want to know is!

What it does

EazyFair is a Web App that allows you to upload the picture of the layout of a convention center. For example:


Then the areas 115, could be selected and this area would be then known as 115 or whatever it was told to be known as.

example selction

Then 115, can be associated with something else for example: We could say it can be google and 116 can be Wells Fargo. Then when you are a convention center or career fair and choose google would light up.

How I built it

Using HTML 5 canvas mainly for the use of editing images online and storing the data in MongoDb. Learning how to use Linode to host server.

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to set up MongoDb in Linode. Learning how to use MongoDb with Node.js .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to show that I am close to deliver this idea and I will be continuing to expand on this idea.

What I learned

Re-enforced some previous experience I had with MongoDb and JavaScript.

What's next for EazyFair

After this part is completed. I will try to utilize iBeacons (Bluetooth 4.0 ) to build indoor positioning systems that will guide you to the booth or area you wanted to go to. This can be used at career fairs, convention centers, comicons, theme parks and more!

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