When going to the supermarket the user is confused what to buy, so now we will give recommended list to user on what to buy.

What it does

The user will now be recommended product items based on the location he visits. Also user can speak to the product items and the items will be captured into list. User also has the capability for user to search list based on his location.

How we built it

We built an app in android and used Microsoft Azure cognitive services API for:

  • OCR of a supermarket receipt and
    ## Challenges we ran into It was difficult to process the JSON data from ocr and nlp and finally convert it into list of string. The major difficulty was to integrate all the services into one repository. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of Giving the capability to user to ## What we learned We learned to use micro soft cognitive services API and integrate into our application. ## What's next for Eazy List Next the app will recommend lists to the user based on previous purchases and similar purchases by other users

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