The government of Indonesia has always believed in the potential of SMEs. However, it’s hard for the government to support and grow them due to the lack of SME business license. Several benefits of having a business license are having a better legal stance, have better access to financing alternatives, officially registered in the government database and reserve the rights to receive supports in various forms. Unfortunately, on the other side, SME owners have no idea about the benefits and thought that it’s just costly and such a hassle.

The truth is the process of obtaining such a license is actually completely free, but it is indeed a hassle because there are too many bureaucracies within the process and extortions happen all the time. Therefore, our team is trying to do something about that.

What it does

Our app has 3 main features (for this hackathon, our MVP are the first and second feature, because the third feature require a direct partnership with the government and it will just be in the form of chat, so we are not building it here):

  1. Assist the end-to-end process of having an SME business license, from document submission to the point where owners can receive their official licenses. The end-to-end process is being transformed from a hassle process to an interactive and fun process with small tasks breakdown where we are offering incentives for every micro-task being completed. > After the user completed all the tasks that revolved around license application requirement, our team will send the files to the government through the media they prefer (email, etc)
  2. Educate SME owners on things related to SME business license and other knowledge related to SME management to ensure success and growth, supported by daily SME-related news
  3. Act as the middleman between SME and government related to SME business license and SME-related policies.

Our initial prototype will be in the form of web-app, but we are also planning to have an alternative dashboard-style homepage. This is due to several reasons:

  1. Most SME owners prefer not to download any native app because they think it wastes so much memory
  2. Some SME owners prefer app-style homepage, some others prefer dashboard-style. This is caused by the different types of device that day use every day during their business hours

How we built it

  • Javascript
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Heroku

Challenges we ran into

  • A technical challenge on the front end because this is our first time using react
  • Integration between front-end and back-end (sample)
  • Lots of errors and iterations
  • UI/UX aspect because no one from our team has any UI/UX background, but we did the design, a/b testing and user research and iterate based on users' perspective
  • Time constraint as some of us can only start working on Friday night and has other work-related activities during the weekend
  • Constraint on using some of the free tools and offers from the sponsors as none of us has PayPal or international credit card

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully built our working MVP on React for the first time
  • Get some validation and positive responses from 20+ SME owners

What we learned

  • A new front-end programming language
  • Good time management and teamwork make the dream works
  • Listening to the users is very crucial, sometimes what they really need is a simple scalable solution that can deliver direct value rather than a sophisticated app

What's next for Eazin

  • Finalise the whole working PWA
  • Build alternative dashboard-style homepage
  • Automate sending email to the government when SME license requirements fulfilled
  • Get some support in term of funding and mentorship
  • Launch the first version of the app
  • Collaborate with other players in the ecosystem, such as e-commerce startup, digital payment startup; and even the government to enhance a seamless and integrated experience that support SMEs’ growth
  • Expand services to assisting international trade license for local SMEs, aligned with the ambition of the Indonesia government


Our URL for the demo will only last for a limited time. Therefore, feel free to let us know if the URL is not working, so we can provide a new URL.

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