The goal of this project is to be so easy to learn that players don’t even need to make characters, read the rules or anything. It also supplies a fleshed out several session adventure that enables the dm to easily drop the players in an interesting world. One of the core tenets of the project is that the players should not have to read rules, and I think we found a way to do that.

The way that this is accomplished is by having the players play as themselves as if they were teleported to another world just as they sat down to play. The different “abilities” they can use are discovered organically and never explained with rules, only actions and results.

What it does

An easy framework for beginner RPGers to play tabletop games, includes beginner ruleset (found in the readme, not quite done). As well as a ui section that elimenates some of the complexity of role playing games by adding a nice visualization to keep track of where tokens are.

How I built it

A Node backend with Express supports a frontend written in vanilla js and phaser.js. These were new technologies for the team so a lot of the Hackathon was spent experimenting and learning how to do work in them.

Challenges I ran into

Time was a huge issue as the team was from different time zones and sleep was not something willing to be sacrificed. Unfamiliarity with the tech stack also caused issues for the team, but we were able to power through that and create a not quite finished but very demoable project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to learn phaser.js and also able to use to create a multiplayer experience. Also we made good progress in designing a game that captures the essence of Dnd but is very beginner friendly which we are also proud of.

What I learned

Learned about scope for projects, different web technologies, and game design.

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