The 2 co-founders expertise in:

1/ Foodservice operations management and associated point-of-sale technologies implementation for guests engagement.

2/ Nutrition software for dietitians to manage their patients and provide them "meal structure" recommendations.

The upcoming US nutritional labeling legislation effective 5/1/17, requiring any restaurant chain with 20 establishments or more to provide "menu item" level labeling to their guests.

The overweight and obesity epidemic is ramping, affecting 2 billion people around the world and costing billions of dollars to society. The enterprise pays a heavy tribute in health costs and productivity losses. Despite multiple efforts from regulators, expanding health plans’ prevention programs, improved corporate wellness programs, digital health solutions, fitness trackers and mobile apps, this epidemic cannot be contained. Wellness solution providers have so far failed to come up with innovative solutions to reverse this phenomenon, lacking real-time and in-foodservice context nutritional coaching.

What it does


EatwellRx™ is an evidence-based nutritional health prevention solution that allows corporations to assess the efficiency, impact and success of their wellness programs while preventing at-risk populations to develop health conditions that will affect their daily life, wellbeing and productivity at work, one employee and one meal at a time.

How does it work:

The EatwellRx meal recommendation on engine provides employees real-time information on what to eat based on their personal profile, physical activity, and eating behavior:

1/ The employee profile includes age, sex, BMI (Body Mass Index), body composition (fat mass, muscle mass, hydration), food allergies and intolerances, health contraindications, as well as diet preferences and intolerances.

2/ Physical activity can be declarative via EatwellRx’s simple questionnaire developed by a panel of nutritionists or captured by activity trackers.

3/ The eating behavior up to the next meal is taken into consideration for the recommendation. The recommendation engine is disruptive in its way of looking at the entire meal instead of focusing on food items individually.

Menu items in cafeterias and restaurants are analyzed, rated, combined and matched with the employee’s nutritional and health goals before the meal. Based on the employee’s food preferences, a list of suggested meals (combinations of several menu items) is displayed. The employee may choose any of the recommended choices as well as those that may not be in line with her/his nutritional goal. Choosing nonrecommended meals makes it more difficult for the the employee to reach her/his goals.

The rating of a specific meal can fluctuate during the week: A combination of menu items that is fine one day, may be unsuitable the next day. EatwellRx averages nutritional intakes over the week to encourage the employee to stay in line with her/his initial goal.

Compliance with the recommendations is also measured and tracked, i.e. how many times a recommended meal is purchased. At the end of the evaluation period, a compliance score is established that may trigger a reward defined by the employer.


The EatwellRx recommendation engine is based on Nutrilog’s technology that has been used by over 15,000 nutrition professionals addressing nutritional needs of more than 5 million people in Europe and North America in the past 25 years.

The 5 steps to a personalized recommendation and reward are:

  1. Employee Profile Analysis
  2. Employee Nutritional Goal Definition
  3. Meal Planning
  4. Meal Reporting
  5. Compliance Analysis

How we built it

It's built with a patented algorithm serving in cloud with scalable rest API architecture, connecting guests via their smartphone application on iOS and Android platform in real-time.

Challenges we ran into

1/ Connection to the point-of-sale system to associate the mobile application user identification with the itemized receipt generated at the time of meal purchase.

2/ Accessing in real-time the menu items and recipe's nutritional value available daily at cafeterias and restaurants.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have resolved the connection with a restaurant point-of-sale management system to collect in real-time through EatwellRx cloud, an itemized receipt from which we can extract purchased items to measure compliance with a nutritional objective.

What we learned

To conceive a cloud solution using a proprietary "nutrition recommendation engine" that interacts with many moving parts requiring integration with foodservice on-premise technologies and nutritional wellbeing guidelines provided by workplace wellness programs.

What's next for EatwellRx

To implement our solution at "early adopter employer" worksite cafeterias and start collecting data to analyze specifically nutritional behavior, one worksite, one employee and one meal at a time.

To collaborate with health and wellness stakeholders to measure the outcome of our solution using "body composition analysis" that quantify for example Fat Mass (a better indicator than BMI to measure health risk).

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