What is the product about?

Simple. Imagine yourself going out for lunch or dinner.

Now what if you had a product that would let you know other people who are willing to meetup for lunch or dinner in the same vicinity as you are.

What if this product eased the task of attending this eatup (meetup for food) with things like facebook verified profiles of people in this meetup, group chat for each eatup, restaurant info and few more features that reduce friction in doing the same.

What if the restaurant gave you discount on the total bill when you organised or attended an eatup with X number of fellow foodies.

And also act as a platform that was dedicated to ease the task of meeting up for lunch or dinner with just friends or family. Currently people might be talking on whatsapp groups then look up restaurants on yelp, checkin with facebook when they arrive and share memories of their get together on instagram. EatUp aims to unifiy this process into a single platform.

** What has been done ** The app for Android is completely done and deployed on the play store. IOS is waiting for review. The current platform includes:

  1. Search for eatups around you and also many filters on search.
  2. Group chat for each eatups
  3. Ability to checkin, post photos, follow, pin updates and similar task to increase engagement.
  4. Split bill among people in an eatup.
  5. Smart notification system.
  6. Timeline of activities for each eatups.
  7. User profile and ability to follow other users. Facebook OAuth for easy identification.
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